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Founded far back in 1910, Alfa Romeo is currently known for creating stylish yet capable and feature-rich luxury cars worldwide. Its first volume production car could offer 24 HP and made a name for the brand. Modern Alfa Romeos have lots of horsepower and are equipped with high-end features and creature comforts easily leaving its rivals far behind. The automaker also took part in various racing events including Formula One, Grand Prix motor racing, rallies, etc. and gained multiple victories. With more than a century of valuable experience in the industry, it continues its heritage by designing and building vehicles known for their precision engineering, fully-loaded horsepower, and distinguished style. Leveraging its heritage, the automaker has never stopped designing new vehicles that set high standards in terms of driving performance, comfort, and style.


FThe Alfa Romeo 4C is a mid-engine sports car built in Italy and remarkable for its high fuel economy, impressively quick acceleration, and sharp handling. Today, it is one of the most desirable models in its segment. This stubby and fast car has a carbon-fiber cabin that saves weight. Under the hood, it hides a turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of providing up to 237 horsepower. The mill is not only strong but also quiet and quick to rev. The car has a race-tuned suspension which aims to improve handling and acceleration. Once inside the car, beautifully crafted interior with a leather-wrapped dashboard and well-bolstered sport seats leaves its occupants wanting for nothing.


FA sports car manufactured by Alfa Romeo, the 8C made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2003 and entered the market in 2006. It’s a renowned two-passenger front-engine cabriolet designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. That’s why the Alfa Romeo 8C came fitted with a rear-mounted 6-speed automatic or manual transmission with paddle controls behind the steering wheel and a mighty V8 power plant, which let this sports car go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. The Alfa Romeo 8C’s cabin has aluminum, carbon fiber, and jet black leather accents to give it a luxurious look. Besides, the car is rich in standard equipment including LED taillights, power side mirrors, four-speaker sound system with a USB interface to name a few.


FThis spacious 4-door executive saloon was first introduced to the market in October 1988. Since that time, the Alfa Romeo 164 has been continuously improved to meet the industry’s growing demands. For instance, the 1993 model year brought it interior and exterior upgrades including a redesigned dash, slightly larger bumpers, slim headlamps, etc. The model also got a revised engine capable of generating up to 230 HP. Although the production of the Alfa Romeo 164 was ceased in 1998, this sports car still has thousands of admirers all around the globe.


FThe Alfa Romeo company released the 2600, the successor to the 2000, at the Geneva Motor Show in 1962. The model was available in three body styles: a sedan (the Berlina), convertible (the Spider) and coupe (the Sprint). Each of them was designed to be powerful, agile, and strong and inherited the body styling of the corresponding models in the 2000 lineup. All versions were powered by a new all-alloy 2.6 L inline-six engine teamed with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car was highly praised for its attractive exterior, comfortable interior, and superb performance.


FCustomers’ demands are constantly evolving and automakers always try to meet them. Alfa Romeo is no exclusion. After the release of the Giulia, the company introduced a small and affordable family car to meet the growing demand for a reliable and maneuverable vehicle in this segment. The model was called the Giulietta and introduced to the public in 2010, at the Geneva Motor Show. The car got a well-built cabin with many high-end features including a GSM telephone system, full-screen voice-activated satellite navigation system, an inbuilt stereo, and dual-zone climate control. The interior was designed with a driver in mind to make him/her feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.


FReleased in 2009, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is currently known and highly praised for its small size. The model was measured in with a wheelbase of 98.9 inches, a length of 160.0 inches, a width of 67.8 inches, and a height of 56.9 inches. Its dimensions made it easy to move along narrow city streets and park into tight parking slots. The Alfa Romeo MiTo was designed to be not only fun and enjoyable but also safe. To reach the goal, it came equipped with 7 airbags, ABS brakes, hazard warning lights, etc. The MiTo also received Cornering Brake Control, an automotive safety system that allowed the driver to retain total control over a vehicle even on a slippery or wet road.


FAlthough Alfa Romeo introduced the Montreal as a concept car in 1967, its first production version was shown in 1970. Under the hood of the model sat a V8 engine generating up to 197 HP. The Montreal could sprint from zero to 62 mph in 7.4 seconds. Its speed was limited to 137 mph. Like any other Alfa Romeo car, it was designed to perform well at various speeds. Despite its popularity, the model was discontinued in 1977. The car remained virtually unchanged during its production run. Today, the Montreal still has many admirers all around the globe.